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When All Else Fails...

it is high time to try something entirely new and different. You cannot rightly expect to get a different result if and when you keep on trying the same old ways that do not and never did work.

What is Energy Reclamation Service (ERS)?

Why the name Energy Reclamation Service? It more or less describes what ERS is all about, which is to befriend, give acceptance to, and then allow, if appropriate, the energy that makes up denied away and disembodied energies to relax, let go of and release whatever unresolved intent keeps it stuck in its current situation. This includes such things as the mundane everyday recovery of denied and "lost" bits of energy resulting from individual denials where some piece of the self is denied and pushed away up to the more dramatic situations whereby ghosts, phantoms, or other apparitions can be seen or felt to be present. Dealing with and recovering disincarnate energies drifting about in the ethers, and that want a welcoming home, is similar to the kind of thing we do on a daily basis (with the personal awareness recovery work described elsewhere on this web site). The only significant difference between the two approaches is:

  1. The usually large quantum of energy to be reckoned with for externalized ghosts and other similar apparitions, and
  2. the absolutely massive quantity of personal denials that seem to pack every nook and cranny of the earth environment,

with the above being examples of “lost energies” that are usually quite receptive to being “reclaimed” by a welcoming more parental source.

Another way of looking at the reclamation (or resolution) process would be to consider it an act of defragmentation, whereby a separated and essentially lost energy is allowed to join with a more parental source, thus bringing back together that which has been previously broken apart and fragmented. This, then, is an attempt at true healing, rather than further aggravating and enraging an already lost and probably confused and angry soul fragment.

From the above comments it should be no surprise that we do not condone nor participate in spiritual exorcisms or other modalities where the emphasis is on trying to get rid of and/or eliminate another entity or some misunderstood and disliked part of oneself, whether it be judged good, bad or evil. Why is this? If you accept the fundamental law of conservation of energy, which states that energy can neither be created or destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another, you ought to be able to deduce a useful (and maybe even enlightening) answer to this question. Think about it, if you are troubled by some personal discomfort or an apparition of some sort and try to get rid of it you will tend to transform that particular bit of energy into something ever more antagonistic toward you. Thus, you will have deliberately aggravated some energy that might have otherwise been friendly and an ally, turning it into an antagonistic enemy, and so will you be better off, or merely have generated a more distasteful situation? Consider yourself or people in general (who can be described as embodied entities, versus the disembodied entities that tend to be much more frightening) and notice how you or people in general will probably feel and react if and when aggressively attacked, wholly rejected, and then threatened with violent extermination? Embodied and disembodied energies are essentially identical in behavior, except for the degree of physical manifesting force present.

Always a Voluntary Process

With the above said, some unaware people may hastily jump to the mistaken conclusion that we can take energy from someone whenever we so please. This is never the case! It is impossible for any entity to arbitrarily take energy from another entity without its willful cooperation and permission. Any and all recovery work is completely voluntary, and this goes for any and all participating energies involved. We absolutely cannot initiate nor conclude any type of energy alteration, change, transfer, or recovery process without the full and complete cooperation and permission of any and all essence directly affected. There are no exceptions to this cardinal rule! If some quantum of energy does not want to be recovered no energy reclamation can or will occur, and there is nothing we can do to alter this. As such, no one need fear that some sort of transfer and/or recovery process might occur against their intent or desire. Energy will not move from one entity to another without their expressed intent and permission, although permission can sometimes be unawarely granted.

However, do keep in mind that disembodied entities, as well as denied bits of energy intentionally liberated for whatever reason from various individuals, are, of and by themselves, fully capable of independently deciding whether to participate in an energy jump, or not, regardless of what some other outside entity or person may desire. Moreover, any such “lost” energies usually favor moving toward and/or jumping to some welcoming parental source, especially if a denial bit is unlikely to ever be welcomed back to the entity that denied it away. It is these “lost” but independent energies that are the bread and butter of ERS, and dealing with and resolving any such energies is usually a relief to any persons tormented and/or haunted by these disembodied soul fragments.

Why Do We Do It?

Because it can bring to rest certain “lost” energies, be a useful exploration and learning experience, and possibly be an exciting challenge that may well bring about some as yet untold awareness discovery. This is strictly an endeavor of the heart, and one that could help to bring everything back into a state of wholeness. There is no office, staff, special equipment to lug around, or someone waiting around to answer a telephone, and no pressure or desire to advertise or find clients so as to maintain a business. There is nothing but a few people who enjoy the personal awareness advancement that comes from dealing with, understanding and maybe resolving an unusual energy situation.

Dealing with ghostly apparitions goes hand-in-hand with the personal awareness work that is our specialty, where the student learns how to effectively deal with their own personal energies. Conscious energy is conscious energy, only its form of expression varies, and so from this standpoint there is not much difference between an embodied person versus a disembodied energy, with the obvious difference that a physically manifest entity has much more manifesting intent and energy present. Thus, having some useful understanding of the mechanics of consciousness enables us to better deal with and resolve often complex and paradoxical energy situations. And while the awareness work does not specifically specialize in ghosts and other apparitions, it does, nonetheless, put the awareness student in an ideal position to aid in and/or completely resolve many difficult paranormal situations.

Taking the Unorthodox Approach

Taking an unorthodox approach probably means that we will end up being the choice of last resort, after all other more mainstream and/or religious options have been exhausted and subsequently failed. Should our services be sought we would normally attempt to engage a disembodied energy (whether it be of Spirit or Will orientation, or combination of both) and then work with it in such a way as to invite a spontaneous release of its old intent, while providing an energy recovery opportunity, but only if and when such is a viable option and the subject energy is so willing and desirous. What this means for a client is this: If a recovery and/or resolution is successful the subject energy will no longer be a source of torment, and in the case of a manifest ghostly presence the upsetting apparition will effectively be gone. Conversely, if no substantial communication and/or recovery occurs then little or no change will be evident, but situations where there is no improvement are rare. To put it another way, here is what can be expected:

It is our experience that when one or more discernible disembodied energies seek and/or are open to acceptance and resolution the process can be quite swift, permanent, and totally devoid of any drama or pathos. In fact, the whole process can sometimes occur quietly and at levels for which observers may have no awareness whatsoever. But what may just as easily occur is a partial release and recovery, whereupon the energy presence continues to exist, but in a much less powerful state, thereby often reducing its residual presence beyond the threshold of normal perception and feeling. However, it is vitally important for a client to be aware that in a case where the energy presence wants and is determined to stay and/or remain in place and as is, for whatever reason, there may be little, if any, success, because the subject entity will have been resistant and unwilling to change and/or undergo any useful degree of transformation.

Another consideration is this: For rapid success the very people the disembodied energy chooses to associate with and interact with may need to be intimately involved in the healing/resolution process, which could be likened to some of the awareness enabling processes described elsewhere on this web site. If a disembodied entity is drawn to a particular person (or group of people) there will be a very specific reason for this. Discovering the intent behind this reason can greatly assist in any ghostly resolution, and such often requires the participation of the haunted person or parties. Be forewarned, however, that the kind of interactions and processes that often spontaneously arise can sometimes be uncomfortable and even frightening to the uninitiated person. And while this author has not been subject to violent reactions in healing/recovery opportunities to date, encountering hostile interactions is a real possibility.

Self-Resolution of Disembodied Energy Situations

It is entirely possible for anyone to resolve any disembodied energy situation without help, facilitation, or intervention by anyone else. This is the recovery route we normally recommend. All it takes is some basic understanding of the situation, such as why is the entity drawn to you, and what are you doing to provoke and/or keep it present? Seeing the situation clearly will require you to sidestep any preconceived notions, and instead observe objectively, which may require a level of acceptance and openness beyond that normally allowed. The awareness principles shared and discussed elsewhere on this web site can also help, as well as provide all of the information and understanding necessary to effect a resolution of most, if not all, disembodied energy situations.

The Download Service

Here is an interesting side-story providing an example of how energy reclamation might occur:

From Friendship to Download Service

My associate Rich made friends with a general practice doctor, Chris, through a stock investment oriented Internet message board. Chris worked in a busy Midwestern hospital. After some months of back and forth messages the communication graduated to verbal telephone conversations, mainly due to a distaste for having to sit and type out each message. Once telephone contact was initiated they oftentimes talked about financial investment matters several times a week. This went on over a period of maybe two years. But there were to be some unexpected benefits from their ongoing voice communications.

After several phone conversations over the course of two or three weeks, they were wrapping up the latest conversation when Chris hesitantly mentioned that he wanted to share something, although he was a little afraid that Rich would think him crazy. But Rich assured him that he would not think him crazy, as he already had a sense of what his friend was going to say. Chris then proceeded to tell Rich that he had been noticing that by the end of their conversations he would always have feelings of relief, lightness, more energy, and have a sense of greater mental clarity, as if some load was being lifted. In contrast, Rich would feel the opposite, simultaneously becoming sleepy, heavier, and feel as though he had just taken on a huge burden consisting of very debilitated and sickened energy. As time passed and Rich realized what was happening he explained the process to his doctor friend.

Essentially Rich was receiving unattached and unwanted energy from the good doctor, who was acting as a conduit and temporary holding place for what his patients were denying and pushing away. Then, when contact with Rich was made the energy would jump, or move toward and into Rich. As interest in the financial matters trailed off the doctor would routinely call Rich for no other reason than to upload the tired and sickened energy that he had automatically collected during his hospital rounds. While the good doctor was not consciously trying to do any of this, it nevertheless occurred and organically developed into a routine, because Rich was a willing recipient for the denied and otherwise homeless energy. This story demonstrates the ease with which it is possible to resolve an imbalanced energy condition and/or situation through verbal communication alone, without ever directly meeting the affected parties. Moreover, once a sustainable “feeling” connection is established the process can occur more or less automatically with or without any further verbal communication.

This story is included here solely as an illustration and is not to be construed as a solicitation to routinely download unwanted energy stuff from doctors or anyone else. It is not that such an option will never be offered, but the taking on of a load of deeply troubled and sickened essence oftentimes takes a day or more to fully resolve, depending upon the quantity transferred. Moreover, during the processing time the willing recipient can be largely debilitated. Interestingly, the conduit or intermediate entity need not have any faith or belief that this kind of phenomena is possible. In fact, the less faith and trust an intermediary person has in such things the easier and faster a transfer usually occurs, partly because any tendency by the homeless energy to cling to the conduit or intermediate person is reduced to the extent that it is not understood, appreciated, or wanted.

Just in case someone now gets the idea that they want to call up and regularly dump whatever it is they do not want, essentially getting rid of their personal denials, because they are too lazy to acknowledge and/or deal with them, think again. We are not here to routinely relieve people of what they ought to recognize and deal with by and for themselves. That said, nonetheless, there may be certain situations where some sort of reoccurring intermediation is appropriate. If such should be the case some sort of arrangement would first need to be worked out in advance. Should we charge a fee for a Denial Download Service? Probably, but doing so might tend to create some kind of perceived obligation, and we do not want to take on or be held to any implied contractual provisions, whether mistakenly so, imagined, or actual. Each and every situation would have to be evaluated on an individual basis, depending upon the effort and time required for us to reclaim and/or resolve whatever kind of stuff might be uploaded and recovered.

Inquiry Considerations

Any resolution/recovery adventure will no doubt be an educational experience for all persons involved. In many cases the affected parties will be confronted with issues that are uncomfortable and that they have been assiduously avoiding, perhaps forever, but that are in some way responsible for the current unpleasant situation. A successful resolution may depend upon any such lingering issues being brought out into the open and resolved as part of the overall process. While in other instances mere contact with the offending energies by a welcoming presence will be enough for a quick and complete resolution. And as unlikely as it may seem to some, it is entirely possible to completely resolve a situation by telephone or Skype contact alone, without ever visiting the site or directly meeting any of the people affected. However, language difficulties between us and the affected parties may inhibit or prevent an effective resolution, which is especially the case if and when it is necessary to depend solely upon written communication.

For inquiries please contact and your message will be promptly forwarded to the appropriate person. Also, please provide a brief description of your circumstances, along with contact information and general location. Photographs of the people affected can also be of use, and often greatly accelerate our understating of a particular situation. All inquiries will be handled with the utmost discretion, and no information will be shared with other parties without written authorization.